Celebrities Don’t Date Bookworms by Clara Nielsen

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Celebrities Don’t Date Bookworms by Clara NielsenCelebrities Don't Date Bookworms by Clara Nielsen
Series: Texting the Boyband #1
on January 1, 2023
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, High School, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 226
Format: eBook
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Can you fall in love with someone that you’ve never actually met?

When Hudson Shaw—lead singer of the world’s most popular boy band—spilled coffee on me in Starbucks, I didn’t expect him to actually remember me later.

But he did… Which was a problem since he started at my school three days later. And even though I’m the only person in school who isn’t a fan of him, he picked me to be his guide.

Why does the universe hate me?

He’s convinced I’m going to warm up to him—maybe even fall in love with him—but I’m sure that’s never going to happen.

After all, why would I care at all about Hudson when my sights are already set on someone else? Someone sweet, funny, and caring… who I’ve never actually Bay.

I met Bay when I was accidentally added to a group chat, but nothing between us has been accidental since. With every conversation we have, I feel like I’m falling for him a little more.

But can you really fall in love with someone that you’ve never met in real life?

And if I do meet in him in person… will I like who he really is?

CELEBRITIES DON’T DATE BOOKWORMS is a standalone novel, perfect for fans of wholesome romances and boy band fanfiction. Get your copy today!

This is Megan and Hudson’s story.

Celebrities Don’t Date Bookworms was such a cute read, which helped make it a quick read for me. When Megan is accidentally added to a group chat, everything changes. Is it also a coincidence that a famous boyband who just moved into town will start at her school? Probably not, right? Things start rolling along, and that’s when Megan and Bay start getting closer, but they have no idea who they are outside of the group chat.

This book definitely gave me massive One Direction vibes and could have easily been fanfiction (I love that). Everything from the number of members in the band to the first letter of the names and general personalities screamed One Direction.

Group chats, nighttime phone calls, and side texts were great ways to move the plot along. Using mixed media like that kept my attention and helped the book flow easier. As the book moves towards its conclusion, the identity of Bay (along with the rest of the guys) is revealed, and Megan must grapple with the fact if she can date someone famous.

Overall, Celebrities Don’t Date Bookworms was a great young adult read. It kept this reader’s attention, and the pacing was right where it needed to be. If you enjoy young adult romances with no heat or fanfiction, this book is definitely for you. This was book one of the Texting the Boyband series, and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the series plays out.

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