Update For How I Rate Books

Posted May 5, 2024 in Updates / 0 Comments

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So, as my reading style changes along with my reading tastes I’ve decided that it’s now time to update how I go about rating books. These changes will only affect future reviews though, don’t worry. Let me break down the new and improved rating scale for you:

5 Stars:

When I give a book 5 stars, it means it’s the kind of story that totally grabs me from the start and stays with me long after I’ve finished reading. These are the exceptional books, the ones I’d read over and over again if I could.

4 Stars:

Books that get 4 stars are the ones that were a joy to read from beginning to end. They might not have reached the same level of greatness as my 5-star picks, but they’re still really good and left a positive impression on me.

3 Stars:

The 3-star books are the ones that fall somewhere in the middle. They’re not amazing but they’re not bad either. They’re just okay and provide a decent reading experience, but they won’t leave a lasting impact.

2 Stars:

2 stars are for books that left me feeling a bit let down or disappointed. They might not have been the worst books I’ve ever read, but they just didn’t click with me or meet my expectations.

1 Star:

Books that get 1 star are the ones I actively disliked. They’re the ones that are riddled with errors, inconsistencies, or poor writing, making it a bit of a struggle to read. I wouldn’t recommend these books to anyone, not even my worst enemy.

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